Dove Advanced Hair Series Range

This is one of my go to product for my hair, I have very fine hair and lays flat with no volume Dove Advanced Hair Series Range gives my hair the lift it needs. These products transformed the texture of my hair and left it feeling so soft.
The shampoo is rich in lather and gives my hair a good clean, it’s gentle on my scalp which is good because I have sensitive scalp and it smells so great.
The conditioner conditions my hair deeply and leaves my hair feeling soft and silky, it also smells great. I’m obsessed with the smell

The mask helps to nourish all your damaged hair and repairing it in the process. This mask repair your hair by restoring the proteins in your hair and protecting it against future damage.

How To Use:

  1. First start with the shampoo, it smells great, it will leave your hair feeling soft and clean.
  • Then move on to the conditioner, it feels great on the hair and works perfectly, it doesn’t weigh down hair.
  • Then lastly, apply the mask. The intensive repair mask is a heaven sent, this mask is amazing I fell in love. It repairs your hair and gives it the volume it needs.

The Pure Care Dry Oil Range delivers the nourishment that dull and dry hair needs while making it silky smooth and shine without weighing it down. Infused with African Macadamia and pomegranate seed oils this unique formulation is scientifically proven to absorb quicker in your hair without leaving it greasy or heavy. So if you have dry hair this is for you.

I’m highly impressed and satisfied with these products, my hair feels and looks healthy. I highly recommend them.

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