Heaven In A Box[K-Snack]πŸ’•

Today I decided to write a review about my favorite Korean snacks from SnackFever.

If you love Korean culture, food and snacks like I do or you like trying out new things then this subscription box is for you. You get to try out different Korean snacks every month if you subscribe.

Here are my favorite Korean snacks that I have tried so far and I recommend that you try them too because they’re amazing.

  1. Honey Butter Chip

These chips taste amazing, they taste like honey mixed with butter and they’re a little sweet because of the honey but they are addictive and you just can’t stop eating them. they’re crunchy and thin like Lay’s

Fresh Berry Pie

These pies are delicious I could eat them all day, they are fresh, light and soft. It’s like you’re eating a cake with peach and yogurt flavored fillings, they have the right amount of sugar they’re not too sweet and they are super addictive. I love them

Elephant Tape Gum

This bubble gum tape comes in a small pink elephant container similar in a size of a hockey puck. The container is so cute and small and it functions much like a tape dispenser it has a small roller where you take the gum out. The gum taste fresh and fruity I love it

Baked Potato Sticks

These are potato sticks that are like fries but these are baked not fried. They look plain like Pepero sticks(another Korean snack) at first glance but they taste so good and they’re packed with flavored. And these candies on the side are also refreshing, they are round, hard and sweet. They taste like plumsw and they have Vitamin E.

White Pie

This last item is also a pie but it is not similar to the Fresh Berry Pie. This is a white rice cake pie with red bean paste filling. I’m obsessed with these and they taste so good, I still can’t get over them I need more boxes of these.

I really enjoyed these snacks and I can’t wait to try out more Korean snacks.

If you want to try Korean snacks and want to join the Snackfever fam please click on the link below and subscribe πŸ™‚


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