Avon True Colour Foundation and Bronzing Pearls

Finding the perfect foundation for your skin type is not an easy task, I always struggle to find my perfect match with every brand. However, this Avon foundation has impressed me.

This foundation is magic, I really enjoy using it and my face totally agrees. The foundation give me full coverage and leaves my face looking flawless and matte.
I love how I don’t need to use concealer because there is enough coverage and it does not oxidize, it’s light weight and looks so natural. This foundation is easy to apply and It is an amazing everyday foundation for everyone, it is also perfect for beginners.
It is totally comfortable to wear for a full day. It stays on, it last all day and doesn’t transfer onto clothing so I can wear light coloured clothing without any worries. I’m very impressed, it is easy to blend and it’s not even expensive it’s very affordable and it ticks all the boxes. I’m totally in love with this foundation and recommend it.
Does not oxidize
Provides maximum coverage
Skin stays oil free throughout the day
How To Use:
Apply primer
One pump of foundation is enough for full-face coverage and for darker blemishes apply a bit more product and you’ll be good.

Avon True Colour Bronzing pearls

I really like these bronzing pearls. They give you that beautiful glowy finish but not glittery. I use it for bronzer as well as body glow and eye shadow! I love the subtle glow it gives without looking overdone. It

It also gives a matte finish which I like and they blend easily with strong pigment using any soft brush.
The best part about these pearls is that you can customise them, so you can get them to be darker or lighter by removing more of the colour that you want to reduce. They give a long lasting flawless finish without having you look too cakey. I honestly love these products and highly recommend them.
-SO pigmented
-Very natural colour but works beautifully as a blush too
-Scented, but the smell is very nice so I don’t mind
-Natural finish (did I mention this already?)
-Fair price for the product, it’s not expensive.

-Only that it could look cakey when you put too much

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