Bioré Free Your Pores

Beauty Bulletin sent me these amazing Biore products last month for me to test them out and let me just say these products have done wonders for my face, my face has never felt so rejuvenated and soft. They sent me two ranges, the Baking Soda Range and the Charcoal Range. These products worked for me […]

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Heaven In A Box[K-Snack]💕

Today I decided to write a review about my favorite Korean snacks from SnackFever. If you love Korean culture, food and snacks like I do or you like trying out new things then this subscription box is for you. You get to try out different Korean snacks every month if you subscribe. Here are my […]

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I’ve been using this cream for as long as I remember and it helps me with my dry and sensitive skin. I use it mainly in winter. My skin used to get super dry in winter but since I started to use E45 my skin isn’t dry anymore and it doesn’t crack like it used […]

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